Welcome to Sacred Valley Energetics

My approach to healing utilizes the diverse benefits of many modalities weaved together in a synergistic way to promote empowerment and wellness.

Physical Benefits
Promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and decreases discomfort
Enhance the speed of healing injuries or post-surgery recovery
Improves circulation in both the lymphatic and cardiovascular system
Maintains and re-establishes homeostasis in the body
Provides preventative health care and improves sleep
Releases blocked energy and restores natural energy pathways

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits
Personal empowerment, transform perspective and direction
Release of deeply repressed emotions and memories
Stress reduction and the calming of the mind
Remembering your connection to your souls purpose
Reconnecting with the innate natural ability to heal oneself
Release unhealthy emotional patterns and behaviours
Restore peace within and reestablish emotional balance

Personal Discovery
Reawaken ones purpose and direction
Recreate personal approach to everyday living
Strengthen awareness of self and others
Discover and heal aspects of self that are to deep to discover intellectually
Receive guidance from your personal guides and animal totems
Discover lost memories and past lives

My life’s journey is to support personal empowerment and to assist one in recognizing the beauty within yourself, and the strength that each person can bring to the planet when you choose to live in love.

I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey and my intention is to facilitate your remembrance of the wisdom already within your heart.

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