Tania Niedbala's focus is a complementary healing approach to emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual challenges to assist personal wellness & empowerment. Tania’s utilizes the diverse benefits of many modalities weaved together in a synergistic way to promote empowerment and wellness.

Tania is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner and was trained by Dolores Cannon in Canada. Meeting Dolores and learning QHHT directly from her is one of her most cherished experiences. Tania also offers Dolores Cannon’s Group Past & Future Life Meditations to give individuals a glimpse into what they may experience with their own one-on-one QHHT Session.

Tania offers Tesla Healing Metamorphosis & Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis. This was one of the first modalities she was drawn to in 2011 and that experience began a quantum leap into the journey of healing, intuition and personal awareness of the unseen.

Tania was also drawn to the beauty of sacred ceremony and the ancient healing wisdom of the Inca Shamanic Medicine Tradition. For years she has embraced this medicine path learning and practicing these earth based traditions. In 2014 she was guided to the sacred land of Peru, learning and practicing with Jose Luis Herrera. It was a magical soul journey rich with direct experience with the sacred land. She is humbled to be an initiated Pampamesayok of the Inca Medicine Tradition.

Her Energy Healing Sessions weave the energetic healing practices of the Inca Shamanic Earth Medicine Tradition with the Foundational Practices of Eden Energy Medicine which also utilizes the ancient understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Eden Energy Medicine focuses on supporting self healing and encouraging our own energies to move and flow harmoniously. Energy Medicine offers a reconnection with our bodies and our soul through the communication with our energetic bodies. This reconnection assists us in remembering who we really are!

Tania also provides Spiritual Coaching Sessions which offer a sacred space to be heard, acknowledged and witnessed which assists one to find the medicine within the challenging life experiences one may have. Tania’s purpose is to assist your healing journey and nurture the release of fears, traumas and limiting beliefs to reclaim peace within each individuals existence.

Tania’s life’s journey is to support personal empowerment and to assist one in recognizing the beauty within yourself, and the strength that each person can bring to the planet when you choose to live in love.

Tania continues to embrace her own path of spiritual growth and self healing. Tania is committed to the practice of Energy Medicine and honoured to continue to guide many on their healing journey.

Tania’s looks forward to supporting you on your healing journey and her intention is to facilitate your remembrance of the wisdom already within your heart.


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