I weave the energetic healing practices of the Inca Shamanic Earth Medicine Tradition with the Foundational Practices of Eden Energy Medicine which also utilizes the ancient understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Eden Energy Medicine focuses on supporting self healing and encouraging our own energies to move and flow harmoniously. Energy Medicine focuses on the energy fields of the body and can be a very effective tool along your path to wellness.

Energy Medicine offers a reconnection with our bodies and our soul through the communication with our energetic bodies. I feel this reconnection assists us in remembering who we really are!

Our divine inherent sovereign ability to support our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality is ultimately very empowering.
I look forward supporting you along your healing journey.

Knowledge - Experience - Tools
Through a range of complementary approaches (modalities), Tania weaves together an authentic approach to health and wellness.

Physical - Energetic - Intuitive
Through intuitive guidance and physical touch, Tania embraces her natural gifts to bring forth healing and messages from spirit.

Care and Compassion
Every session is treated with the utmost care and respect. Tania has been on her healing path for many years and she understands what one goes through to release old energies. Tania’s purpose is to assist your healing journey and nurture the release of fears, traumas and limiting beliefs to reclaim peace within each individuals existence.

The privacy of my clients is very important. You can be assured that any personal information shared during a session is kept completely confidential. Tania does not share or sell personal contact information such as phone numbers or email addresses.

Healing is a very personal journey that is unique for each and every person. Tania encourages individuals to remember their healed state and to listen to their natural wisdom. Tania’s ultimate goal is to support the empowerment of each and every client so that they can live life freely and without limits.

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