Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching Sessions are available to assist you through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges you may be experiencing to support your personal wellness and empowerment.

Spiritual Coaching Sessions are held in a sacred space. Every session is treated with the utmost care and respect. I have been on my healing path for many years and I understand what one goes through to release old energies. My purpose is to assist your healing journey and nurture the release of fears, traumas and limiting beliefs to reclaim peace within each individuals existence.

The privacy of my clients is very important. You can be assured that any personal information shared during a session is kept completely confidential.

Healing is a very personal journey that is unique for each and every person. I encourage individuals to remember their healed state and to listen to their natural wisdom. My ultimate goal is to support and nurture self empowerment to each and every client so that they can live life freely and without limits.

I offer a sacred space for you to be heard, acknowledged and witnessed which assists one to find the medicine within the challenging life experiences one may have.

Many individuals are moving through unknown territory in 2019. Many are awakening to a new way of approaching life. My mission is to support individuals in developing a resilient perspective on your past and begin to create the life you know deeply you are meant to experience. This is the year to change the paradigm of the past!

I offer a variety of tools to assist you including:

  • Daily energy alignment practices
  • Techniques to manage your stress
  • Tools to assist in dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Connecting with your Higher Self

Together we may explore:

  • Energy Balancing Practices - Chakra Balancing Practices
  • Energy Healing - Muscle Testing
  • Heartmath Exercises - Tuning Forks
  • Dream Analysis - Essential Oils

Spiritual Coaching Session
1 Hour - $60