Energy Healing

The Energy Healing Sessions I offer are a synergistic blend of the healing modalities I have been guided to explore over many years of study and practice. As my foundation I embrace the healing path of the Inca Shamanic Medicine Tradition and weave these practices with my past studies of Tesla Metamorphosis Healing and my current studies of Eden Energy Medicine.

Eden Energy Medicine blends the spiritual healing medicine traditions along with the ancient understanding of TCM combined with our present scientific understanding of health and wellness.

Energy Medicine focuses on the energy fields of the body and can be a very effective tool along your path to wellness.

The practice of Energy Medicine utilizes ancient healing techniques which recognize the self healing wisdom of our own energy body including our meridians, chakras and auric fields.

An Energy Healing Session can address a wide variety of energetic imbalances by encouraging energy movement in your body. When the energy fields of the body are flowing there is space for energy to move.

Energy Medicine brings harmony to the energy imbalances that may be causing or may be caused by disease and illness.

During a session I work with the energy fields of the body to restore balance, flow and harmony within the body.

These sessions support your energetic body in reducing stress and increasing vitality.

I can offer simple and empowering self-healing techniques to support healthy energetic patterns within the body.

I encourage daily self-care routines in between sessions to maintain a healthy and vibrant energetic field.

There is physical touch involved as we work in a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment.

Energetic imbalances are assessed through kinesiology.

Energy Healing Session
1.5 Hour - $120

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