An Energy Healing Session can address a wide variety of energetic imbalances by encouraging energy movement in your body. When the energy fields of the body are flowing there is space for energy to move.

During an Energy Healing Session I connect with an individuals energy field and observe their current energetic state and receive information regarding their present energetic flows.

I observe and explore an individuals auric field, chakras, meridians, subtle energies and other energetic systems I am called too. I work with the energy fields of the body to restore balance, flow and harmony within the body. I encourage gentle energetic adjustments to nurture, support and restore healthy patterns.

I weave the energetic healing practices of the Inca Shamanic Earth Medicine Tradition with the Foundational Practices of Eden Energy Medicine which also utilizes the ancient understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Eden Energy Medicine focuses on supporting self healing and encouraging our own energies to move and flow harmoniously.

I will offer individuals simple tools and daily practices to ensure your energy body is moving energy and flowing properly to encourage your health and vitality in between sessions.

Energy Medicine focuses on the energy fields of the body and can be a very effective tool along your path to wellness.

These sessions support your energetic body in reducing stress and increasing vitality.

Energy Medicine offers a reconnection with our bodies and our soul through the communication with our energetic bodies.

I feel this reconnection assists us in remembering who we really are!

Our divine inherent sovereign ability to support our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality is ultimately very empowering. I look forward to supporting you along your healing journey.

Energy Healing
1 Hour - $120

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