Quantum Sound - Healing With Your Voice

Everyone has heard about the Law of Attraction which expresses the belief that "like energy attracts like energy". The universe consists of energy and matter, and these components have their own energetic vibration. The universe responds to this vibration by attracting similar vibrations that match. This low or high energetic vibration has a significant influence on your destiny; what you put out is what you receive.

Our voice is a natural gateway to our energy field which reveals the energetic vibration we are broadcasting. The human voice reflects our intentions, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and past/ present life experiences. Our voice is as unique and individualized as our thumbprint, and expresses our level of vibration. If you can increase your vibration then you can receive and attract the abundance and unlimited possibilities the universe provides.

Quantum Sound Voice Software was developed by Smart Technology to assist you in increasing your energetic vibration. By taking a brief sample of your voice, an individualized set of Quantum Tones are created to pinpoint and release stress that is being held in your subtle energy field. These Quantum Tones are like a tuning fork to release pent up blockages, memories, and patterns of self sabotage. Quantum Technology removes the negative or lower vibrational energies which assist in releasing what no longer serves you, thus increasing you energetic vibration.

After your voice is assessed, your Quantum Tones are generated and played through the Awaken IQube to create a 30 minute personalized Sound Healing Session. The Awaken IQube produces Scalar Frequencies based on your Quantum Tones. The set of frequencies that is developed releases stress at the “Quantum” level when played through our Awaken IQube. These Quantum Sound Frequencies are like a personal symphony. This combined experience of sound and frequency works synergistically to create balance within. This creates the space for harmony at the deepest levels of being, initiating the release of stored emotional stress, hidden fears, sadness and anxiety.

As higher levels of consciousness are experienced, you raise your vibration and align with your true self, your natural calling, and your goals and dreams. This leads to heightened awareness, increased intuition, more expansive creativity, and a deeper alignment with your life purpose.

Quantum Sound Therapy - Technology

Voice Software
The Voice Software is used to capture a 20 second sample of your voice. The software then processes it into a 30 minute collection of Quantum Tones that are unique to your current state of being. These Quantum Tones are then played through the Awaken IQube to stimulate and release your accumulated energy blockages.

The Awaken IQube
The Awaken IQube is one of a family of "IQubes" that have been developed for the purpose of creating Scalar waves from the Quantum Tones. The Awaken IQube is actually a set of two IQubes. There is the large two coil IQube and there is a small satellite single coil IQube. During a session, the two coil IQube is placed beside or underneath the client and the satellite IQube is held by the client.

Internally, the Awaken IQube combines two coils, inert Noble gases, LED lights, flower essences and tiny amounts of 24 karat Gold and Pure Silver. The Scalar Waves produced by the Awaken IQube create a field more potent than 4400 meditators ! These waves have an effective distance of several hundred feet from the IQube and are the most potent within one meter.

Energized Scalar Water
Another technology integrated into Quantum Sound Therapy is Energized Scalar Water. Water that comes out of your kitchen tap has a four-point structure (a cube). This is not the natural molecular structure for water. When water goes through it's natural cycle (evaporation, condensation, precipitation), it has a six-point structure. You can easily see this in a snowflake. Water with a six-point structure can be absorbed much quicker by the body (hydration) and can move nutrients in and waste materials out of the cells much more efficiently. These and many more facts about water have been discovered and studied by Dr. Masaru Emoto (check him out on the Web!).

An 8 oz bottle of Energized Scalar Water (which has a six-point structure) is provided with every Quantum Sound Therapy session. In addition, we energize the water with your Quantum Tones during your session.

The combination of the Quantum Tones, Scalar Waves and Energized Scalar Water allow the frequencies to be experienced audibly, energetically, and through out the physical body providing a profound healing experience.

Quantum Sound Therapy - Sessions

A Quantum Sound Therapy Session Includes:
-Using your voice sample to create your own personal Quantum Tones
-Experiencing your Quantum Tones through the Awaken IQube
-A MP3 of your Quantum Tones is created for you to take home
-A customized bottle of Energized Scalar Water imprinted with your own Quantum Tones

Individuals Sessions
Individual Sessions focus on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of yourself in relation to all areas of your life. If you are struggling with any personal issues related to work, relationships, or health this is a simple and proactive approach that is easy to incorporate into your life. The creation of personalized Quantum Tones will work on the energetic blockages that are within you. While at home play your Quantum Tones at leisure, and actively lift your vibration while hydrating yourself with your Energized Scalar Water.

Couples and Families
Couple and Family Sessions use a combined voice sample which will represent the affinities of all the individuals. Couple and Family Sessions focus on the combined physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the relationships between individuals. This assists in working through shared patterns and blockages together. Interpersonal dynamics within relationships are highlighted when tones are combined together. As a couple or family play your Quantum Tones at leisure and actively lift your vibration together while hydrating yourself with your Energized Scalar Water.

Combination of Individual and Family/Couples Sessions
In certain situations it is suggested to have an Individual session and a Couple/Family Session. By taking this approach you are actively focusing on your individual patterns and the collective patterns and blockages within the relationship dynamic. This dual approach assists raising individual and combined frequencies by reducing collective blockages. In this situation you would receive a MP3 with your personal Quantum Tones, and a MP3 with your combined Quantum Tones. Also you would each receive a customized bottle of Energized Scalar Water imprinted with your own personal Quantum Tones.

Listening to your Quantum Tones just before bed will give the best results.
Getting new tones ever 2-4 weeks is ideal.
A digital copy of your tones can be provided if you bring a USB Flash drive.

Quantum Sound Therapy Session 1.5 hr - $120

Group Sound Session
In this experiential journey you will participate in a group experience using the Awaken IQube. As a group we will take a combined voice sample, which will represent the affinities of the group. The combined Quantum Tones create the custom frequencies produced by the Awaken IQube that will balance and harmonize the group energy. As a group we will listen and experience the tones and frequencies through The Awaken IQube for just over 30 minutes. People are encouraged to bring something to lay on such as a yoga mat or sleeping bag, as well as blankets or pillows to relax and enjoy the experience.

$20 per person
Group Session - 1.5 hr
Groups of 4 to 8 people per session